Middle East: Then and Now

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Size: 19 x 26 inches
Binding: Laminated Wall Chart
ISBN: 9789901980420
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Product Description

This large, laminated Middle East: Then and Now Bible Map® compares a Bible map of Israel, Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia during Old Testament times — side-by-side with a map of modern-day Middle Eastern countries — including Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and Israel.

Is that Place in the Bible Real?

Yes, most Bible events happened in locations that we can identify today. Yet many people treat the Bible stories as if they took place in a mythical land. That's why Sunday school teachers and Bible study leaders appreciate these Bible maps. They explain the geography of the ancient Middle East and Asia vs today's locations. When students see the Bible maps vs. modern-day maps, they have an "Ah-ha" moment because they realize — perhaps for the first time — these Bible places are real.