The Temple Wall Chart

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Size: 19 x 26 inches
Binding: Laminated Wall Chart
ISBN: 9789901980093
ISBN-13: 9789901980093
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Product Description

The Temple Poster feature a picture of the biblical Temple where Jesus amazed the scholars as a child, where he threw out the money changers, where he praised the widow who gave all she had.

This is Herod's Temple in Jerusalem, also known as the Second Temple or the New Testament Temple, and where the veil ripped from top to bottom when Jesus was crucified.

This full-color Temple picture is perfect for teaching about the life of Jesus. See the Temple, the Court of the Gentiles, the Court of the Women, and the Portico. Painted by Biblical artist Stan Stein, this laminated poster of the Second Temple in Jerusalem is the perfect Bible study, homeschool curriculum, or Sunday school classroom chart.