What the Bible Says About Forgiveness

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Product Description

Easily get key biblical principles about forgiveness. Rose's What the Bible Says About Forgiveness answers important questions including: What is forgiveness? Why do we need forgiveness? Why do we need to forgive others? Why is forgiving enemies tied to whether God will forgive us?

You already know that you (and those you lead) are called to forgive others. But, even as a believer, forgiving someone who hurt us can be a hard thing to do. And knowing how to gently encourage others to show forgiveness can be difficult too—especially, when we are faced with the question—how?
•How can I truly forgive someone who hurt me?
•What does "letting it go" actually look like?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in Rose's What the Bible Says About Forgiveness pamphlet. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of key Bible stories on forgiveness, and get over 7 practical ways to let go of anger and un-forgiveness. It avoids "easier-said-than-done" suggestions and instead shares practical ways to forgive the seemingly unforgivable.