What the Bible Says About Money

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Binding: Pamphlet
Pages: 14
ISBN: 9781596363717
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Product Description

What does the Bible really say about money? In 14 concise pages, What the Bible Says About Money gives you a good overview of the Bible's teachings about money, finances, stewardship and possessions. Discover dozens of God's promises about money and learn how he wants you to use the resources he has blessed you with. God is concerned about our faithfulness with what he has entrusted to us - whether it's a lot or a little.

Money is a big thing in the world's eye, but from God's view, it's a small thing. It's what we do with this small thing that makes a big, eternal difference.

Jesus tells us to invest in the kingdom of God so that we will find genuine treasures far better than the fleeting, insignificant riches of this world. What the Bible Says About Money asks you some thought-provoking questions so you can evaluate your feelings about money. The pamphlet then provides many different Old and New Testament verses so you can compare your feelings to what the Bible says about money.