One-Year Bible Reading Plan

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Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Binding: Pamphlet
Pages: 14
ISBN: 9781596363335
ISBN-13: 9781596363335
Item Number: 710X
Categories: Christian Living; Missions and Evangelism

Product Description

Features 3 Different Bible Reading Plans! Easily Fits Inside Most Bible Covers! Perfect for individual use or group use.

According to a 2014 nation-wide survey conducted by the American Bible Society, 62% of Americans wish they read Scripture more. So, the question is not do we want to read the Bible more— but how? How can we stay consistent in our Bible reading?

Following a daily Bible reading plan is the simplest way to read through the entire Bible—and this easy-to-use pamphlet offers 3 different plans to choose from. It tells you what to read and when to read it, helping you stay on track throughout the year. Its large print, check boxes, easy-to-use format, flexible options, and laminations makes it perfect for individual or group use.

It's easy-to-use—showing what to read and when to read it! Plus, it—
•Includes 3 different Bible Reading Plans
•Conveniently fits inside most Bible covers
•Includes daily check boxes to help you track your progress
•Covers relevant topics related to Bible reading, including 9 reasons to study God's Word and 7 helpful tools for Bible study (and how to use them).