Hans Küng: Makers of the Modern Theological Mind Series

by John J. Kiwiet
edited by Bob E. Patterson, Dr.

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 218
Pub Date: September 2017
ISBN: 9781619709737
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Categories: Theology; Church History

Product Description

Swiss theologian Hans Küng may be the most provocative leader in Roman Catholic thought today, with heroic appeal to progressive Catholics, Protestants, and secular thinkers. In this book, John J. Kiwiet shows Küng as the mature scholar, devoted pastor, and eloquent speaker in conflict with the Vatican in Rome, resistant to its leadership and in polemic with its theology. Believing that the problems of secular humanity cannot be solved without the involvement of religious humanity, Küng calls the church to take a decisive stance in the issues of the day rather than merely reformulate issues of the past. Küng has received a wide hearing among Catholics and Protestants, and his works On Being a Christian and Does God Exist? remain crucial in contemporary dialogue. Kiwiet’s book is an invaluable aid in understanding Küng, his life, his writings, and his ongoing significance as a shaper of modern theology.

The Makers of the Modern Theological Mind series remains a mustread for anyone eager to understand these theologians and their impact on today’s church.

Hans Küng (born 1928) is professor emeritus of ecumenical theology at Tübingen University in Germany and honorary president of the Global Ethic Foundation.

Author Bio

John J. Kiwiet (1925–2006) served as professor of historical theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, until his retirement in 1990. Born in The Netherlands, Professor Kiwiet obtained a bachelor of divinity degree from the European Baptist Theological Seminary in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, a doctor of theology degree from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, and a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Zurich.

Editor Bio

Dr. Bob E. Patterson is emeritus professor of religion at Baylor University.