Creation Care and the Gospel: Reconsidering the Mission of the Church

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 350
Pub Date: May 2016
ISBN: 9781619707252
ISBN-13: 9781619707252
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Categories: Religion and Culture; Missions and Evangelism

Product Description

How should Christians react to environmental crisis? Historically, evangelicals have ignored this aspect of living for Christ, so this book aims to reinvigorate and empower Christians across the globe to care for creation.

This book collects the work of biblical scholars, theologians, biologists, environmental researchers, and community organizers who met at “The Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel” in Jamaica in 2012. Participants from 23 countries as diverse as Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, and Canada gathered for five days to pray, talk, and reflect on the state of the planet—the home in which we live—and on the role and ministry of the church in caring for God’s creation.

The book contains biblical and theological affirmations from well-respected scholars and teachers, reminding us that caring for creation is central to the evangelical faith. It is an integral part of our mission, an expression of our worship of God, and a matter of great joy and hope.

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"This book is a treasure trove of Scriptural insights and a challenge, not only to Evangelical Christians but to all those who are concerned to cherish the earth and preserve it for future generations, to find in Scripture both the motivation and the rationale for commitment to environmental action."
Green Christian Magazine,