An Introduction to Reading Biblical Wisdom Texts

by Elaine A. Phillips

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Pages: 300
Pub Date: August 2017
ISBN: 9781619707108
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Product Description

An Introduction to Reading Biblical Wisdom Texts is designed for undergraduate students and laypersons who are studying in confessional contexts that affrm the inspired and authoritative nature of Scripture. By way of introduction, Part One poses fundamental and universal questions that are addressed by the genre of wisdom literature, explores definitions of wisdom and folly from the biblical perspective, describes the characteristics and forms of wisdom poetry, and places Israelís wisdom tradition in a wider historical-cultural context. Part Two addresses the practical wisdom associated with Proverbs, treating both the contents and the academic questions that arise. Parts Three and Four focus on Ecclesiastes and Job, respectively, and on the interpretive challenges they raise. Finally, Part Five recognizes the place of Song of Songs in the wisdom tradition. Two brief appendices address briefly Ecclesiasticus and the Wisdom of Solomon.

This highly accessible and engagingly written introduction to the Bibleís wisdom literature is built on a strong scholarly foundation but also aims to nurture the readerís love for God, the source of wisdom and truth, and to help the reader wrestle in the context of his or her own faith journey with the love, fear, doubt, joy, anger, and ecstasy expressed by the biblical writers.

Author Bio

Elaine A. Phillips has served as professor of biblical and theological studies at Gordon College (Wenham, MA) since 1993 and for the past two decades has also been a visiting professor at Jerusalem University College. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles on the Old Testament and has served on the editorial board of the Bulletin for Biblical Research. Phillips has received several distinguished teaching awards and regularly lectures on the Bible to both professional societies and lay audiences.