The Heart of the Family

by Elizabeth Goudge
The Eliot Family Trilogy, Volume 3

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Retail: $13.95
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 300
Pub Date: October 2013
Volumes in Series: 3
ISBN: 9781619700765
ISBN-13: 9781619700765
Item Number: 700765

Product Description

Despite the “crinkled pink petals strewn in the path of those who would have preferred red,” four generations of Eliots have survived the War and are moving forward. The family’s remarkable matriarch Lucilla is still with them, though she’s facing the dark night of the soul.

All is turned on its head with the arrival of Sebastian, another survivor of WWII. He has a story far more painful than any of the Eliots. While with them, he wrestles with questions about his own disconnected existence.

They all yearn, in their own ways, to glimpse the high price of love. And through this they are ultimately able to love each other and God more fully.

“I can think of few authors whose writing I enjoy more than those of Elizabeth Goudge. She has the rare ability to express herself unforgettably and is able to transport you into another world and time, in which you find yourself immensely enriched and entertained.”
—Ruth Bell Graham

Author Bio

Elizabeth Goudge was a British novelist (1900–1984) born into the home of an Anglican priest and theologian. She wrote children’s books as well as novels—her Green Dolphin Street was made into an Academy-Award winning film. In style and themes she parallels English writers such as the creator of the Miss Read series as well mirroring the spiritual depth found in George MacDonald’s Victorian novels. She won the Carnegie Award in 1947 for The Little White Horse, which is J. K. Rowling’s favorite children’s book.