Christ in the Passover

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Product Description

The Passover is the Old Testament feast that celebrates and remembers God's liberation of Israel from Egypt. It also foreshadows Christ's sacrifice on the cross. In just 14 pages, you will learn the history of this special day and the symbolism in the Passover that points to Jesus Christ. Christ in the Passover also includes a Christian Passover Seder script that can be used by Christians year round.

Christ in the Passover is an excellent Bible study topic at anytime, but especially near Easter. The Christian Passover Seder script is a touching worship experience for Sunday school classes and lessons on Moses and the Exodus.

Christians celebrate the Passover as a holiday that commemorates God's miraculous rescue of Israel from Egyptian captivity. The Lord instituted the Passover feast nearly 3,500 years ago to remind his people of how much he loved them. The Passover is meaningful to Christians today because it is packed with symbolism that points to Jesus Christ. The messianic symbolism in the Passover is a powerful message of salvation in Christ.

Christ in the Passover shows six ways that the Passover in the Old Testament points to Jesus, who was called the "Lamb of God."