10 Questions And Answers On Magic, Spells And Divination PowerPoint

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Product Description

Magic, sorcery, and the paranormal are often portrayed in today's books, movies, and news headlines. The attractiveness of the supernatural has led everyone from skeptics to Christians to question what's OK and what's not.

Former astrologer Marcia Montenegro — now a Christian — answers the top 10 questions about magic, astrology, psychics, Ouija boards®, and more, from a biblical perspective.

Here is a tool to help you navigate through the information and misinformation on the occult by using the Bible as the basis for evaluation of questions such as—
•What is the occult?
•Does astrology work
•Is white magick OK since it is using powers for good?
•Does casting spells really work?
•Are Witches also Satanists? What's the difference?
•Is it OK to read your horoscope just for fun?