Anxiety: Calming the Fearful Heart

by June Hunt
Hope for the Heart Series

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Retail: $4.99
Size: 7 x 4 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
Pub Date: February 2021
ISBN: 9781628629859
ISBN-13: 9781628629859
Item Number: 629860
Categories: Christian Living; Religion and Culture

Product Description

Those struggling with anxiety will find peace and hope in this practical and biblical book by June Hunt (Hope for the Heart Ministries).

The fearful unknowns, unending what-ifs, sleepless nights, and nervousness lead to a sense of impending doom. Then muscles tense, thoughts race, hearts pound, and breath is shortened. It’s anxiety. Anxiety is complex and multifaceted, affecting every area of life. The good news is that God invites you to bring your anxiety to him. Discover how God’s word can help calm the fearful, anxious heart.

• What causes anxiety?
• What are anxiety disorders?
• The connection between anxiety, stress, and depression.
• Myths and misconceptions about anxiety.
• How to control your thoughts.
• How to calm your body.

This easy-to-read guide is filled with frequently asked questions, simple explanations, relatable stories, and biblical solutions based on June Hunt’s decades of ministry and counseling experience. It follows the same quick-guide format that has led to the Hope for the Heart series’ success as a trusted source (over 1 million copies sold). Perfect for personal use, small groups, Christian counseling, youth groups, and more.

Author Bio

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program Hope for the Heart is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. Hope for the Heart booklets have been published in 27 languages in several formats and are being translated into more. June is a popular guest professor at colleges and seminaries and a sought-after speaker at conferences and religious broadcasting events.