Can You Trust the Bible?

by Harold J. Sala

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Size: 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
Pub Date: September 2020
ISBN: 9781628629644
ISBN-13: 9781628629644
Item Number: 629645
Categories: Religion and Culture; Biblical Studies and Interpretation

Product Description

Can You Trust the Bible? is an easy-to-read yet comprehensive book that will help you understand how the Bible is ultimately trustworthy. Many Christians and non-Christians alike often wonder if a book written centuries ago can be trusted? Author Dr. Harold Sala is convinced that it can. He discusses topics such as the compatibility between science and faith as well as how historical evidence supports the claims of Scripture. Through archaeological evidence, prophecy, and more, Dr. Sala shows how the Bible is different from any other book in history.

This book also relates firsthand experiences of real people whose lives have been changed by the Bible, as well as tips for studying the Bible on your own.

This book addresses common questions such as:
• How did we get the Bible in the form it’s in today?
• What does it mean when we say the Bible is inspired?
• How do we know that the Scripture we have now has been accurately preserved?
• Is science at odds with the Bible?
• How has the Bible changed the lives of real people? How will it change mine?

Key points and features:
• Explains the authenticity of the Bible in an easily understandable way.
• Shares real life testimonies of real people.
• Brief yet comprehensive.
• Includes key topics such as archaeological evidence, prophecy, and science vs. faith.
• Convenient size.

Author Bio

Harold J. Sala, holds a PhD in English Bible and has completed graduate studies at the University of Southern California, Fuller Seminary, Denver Seminary, Winona Lake School of Theology, and California Baptist Seminary. He is an internationally well-known speaker, author, and Bible teacher, and he has served as founder and president of Guidelines International, Inc. since 1963.