The Exodus: From Passover to the Promised Land

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Binding: Powerpoint
Pub Date: October 2020
ISBN: 9781628629040
ISBN-13: 9781628629040
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Categories: Biblical Studies and Interpretation; Archaeology and Biblical History

Product Description

The Exodus PowerPoint® presentation is an incredible ready-to-teach tool for Sunday school classes and personal growth! How is an event that occurred thousands of years ago still relevant today? Through over 100 slides, learn how God rescued the people of Israel from Egypt and what this story can teach us about God’s eternal plan of redemption.

Through insights gained from archaeological discoveries, learn fascinating facts about the people, history, and significance of Israel’s exodus from Egypt as well as modern-day teachings and traditions that have their roots in the Exodus.

Use this presentation in your adult Sunday school class, Bible study, or small group to help answer questions such as: How do archaeological discoveries help us determine when the Exodus occurred? Who participated in the Exodus? Were the ten plagues sent by God challenges to the false gods of Egypt? Which biblical feasts are related to the Exodus? Where did the people of Israel travel to get to the Promised Land? And more!

This presentation features beautiful images and brings the powerful story of the Exodus to life for Christians today.

Key points and features:
• Includes insights about archaeological discoveries that determined when the Exodus occurred and those involved.
• Answers important questions about the Exodus.
• Easy to use PowerPoint®.
• Perfect for Sunday school class, Bible study, or small group.
• Includes over 100 slides.
• Reproducible handouts and worksheets.
• And more!