Visual Bible Verse Devotions: 52 Weeks of Memorizing God’s Promises

by Michele Howe

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Retail: $17.99
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 328
Pub Date: November 2020
ISBN: 9781628628418
ISBN-13: 9781628628418
Item Number: 628419
Categories: ; Devotionals

Product Description

Visual Bible Verse Devotions is a colorful, fun, weekly devotional book that offers children ages 5-10 a valuable way to learn Scripture and hold it close to their hearts.

Each of the 52 chapters, which are organized into weekly devotions for an entire year, features a Bible verse that is illustrated in pictures. This visual reinforcement helps children recognize and remember key words such as God, Spirit, Holy, Love, Heart, Eyes, Mouth, etc. Chapters also include true-to-life stories that relate to each verse and questions that prompt thought and discussion.

Key points and features:
• An entire year’s worth of weekly devotions for kids ages 5-10.
• Easy-to-read words combined with pictures to help children read and remember Bible verses.
• A true-to-life story that illustrates the meaning and importance of the verse, helping children to read, see, and hear how God’s Word is alive for them every day.
• Questions to prompt thought and discussion.
• Easy to use weekly format, perfect for families.
• Beautiful illustrations.

Author Bio

Michele Howe is the author of twenty books including Navigating the Friendship Maze; There’s a Reason They Call It Grandparenting; Preparing, Adjusting, and Loving the Empty Nest; Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go; and Empty Nest, What’s Next? Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind. She has published over 1,000 articles and has been featured on radio shows across the country speaking on parenting and women’s health issues.