Life of Jesus Time Line Powerpoint: 100 Events in the Life of Christ

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Retail: $39.99
Binding: Powerpoint CD
Pages: 100
Pub Date: October 2019
ISBN: 9781628628302
ISBN-13: 9781628628302
Item Number: 628306
Categories: Biblical Studies and Interpretation; Software

Product Description

In this easy to use PowerPoint® presentation, find over 100 events, miracles, and parables from Jesus’ life—from when the angel announced Jesus’ coming to Mary to Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Included are Bible references for each event, as well as which events do (and don’t!) appear in all four Gospels. Comes with 100+ slides, pictures, and handouts, including a harmony of the Gospels corresponding to the time line in the presentation.

• Nativity story
• Jesus’ first miracle and baptism
• Disciples called
• Sermon on the Mount
• Parable of the good Samaritan
• Ten lepers healed
• Palm Sunday to Easter
• Appearance to disciples and ascension
• And more!

Scripture quotes use the New International Version (NIV).