Attributes of God PowerPoint®: Basic Beliefs about Who God Is

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Binding: PowerPoint (on a CD)
Pub Date: April 2019
ISBN: 9781628628104
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Product Description

Who God is—his character and his nature—can be discovered through learning about his attributes. The more we know God, the more our love can grow and mature.

With more than 100 slides, this ready-to-use Attributes of God PowerPoint® presentation is beautifully designed and includes pictures and illustrations for teaching. Each attribute comes with an explanation, life application, Bible verses, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

20 Key Traits of God
1. Triune
2. One
3. Transcendent
4. Infinite
5. Eternal
6. Creator
7. Omnipresent (present everywhere)
8. Immutable (doesn’t change)
9. Loving
10. Holy
11. Good
12. Just
13. Jealous
14. Merciful
15. Sovereign (authority)
16. Omnipotent (powerful)
17. Knowledgeable (omniscient)
18. Patient
19. Faithful
20. Spirit