The Best Birthday - Picture Book

by Meadow Rue Merrill

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Retail: $9.99
Size: 9 x 9 inches
Binding: Hardcover picture book
Pages: 32
Pub Date: April 2019
ISBN: 9781628627992
ISBN-13: 9781628627992
Item Number: 627992
Categories: ; Christian Living

Product Description

The Best Birthday board and picture books by Meadow Rue Merrill are engaging illustrated books for children one to four and four to seven years old.

Six-year-old Molly is feeling a little jealous of her cousin Sammy, who is having a birthday party at Lantern Hill Farm. Birthdays mean gifts! Molly is excited to hear thereís a treasure huntótreasures are even better than gifts! With their list of riddles, the children embark on a scavenger hunt that reveals the greatest treasure of all is Godís love! Molly and the other children learn that even better than gifts, they can have a second birthday by choosing to be members of Godís family.

Holidays are an opportunity for celebration and a time to create family traditions and memories. Yet often the emphasis shifts from the reason for the holiday to making the children the center of the celebration. The Lantern Hill Farm series of picture books and board books is designed to provide parents and grandparents entertaining stories with easy-to-recreate family activities that allow the child to be part of the holiday but not the center of it.

Author Bio

Meadow Rue Merrill is the Christopher-Award- and Maine-Literary- Award-winning author of the inspirational memoir Redeeming Ruth: Everything Life Takes, Love Restores (Hendrickson Publishers, 2017). A former journalist, she has written for The Boston Globe, the New York Times, Down East magazine, Harvard University, and more while raising six children. She currently writes books for children and adults from a little house in the big woods of midcoast Maine, where she lives with her family and a flock of mischievous chickens.