Essential Doctrine Made Easy: PowerPoint

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Binding: PowerPoint
Pub Date: September 2018
ISBN: 9781628627947
ISBN-13: 9781628627947
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Categories: Theology; Pastoral Helps

Product Description

Equip those you teach with a solid foundation of faith with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® covering 14 essential beliefs of Christianity.

From Christ’s virgin birth to his second coming, enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview that clearly explains 14 key Christian beliefs. See what the Bible says about each belief and find out why this belief is important—at a glance! Features simple summaries, charts, and dozens of Bible verses.

Get a solid overview on 14 key beliefs of Christianity:

Essential Doctrine on the Trinity
• God’s unity—There is only one God
• God’s triune nature—One God in three persons

Essential Doctrine on Jesus
• Christ’s sinlessness
• Christ’s deity
• Christ’s humanity
• Christ’s virgin birth
• Christ’s atoning death
• Christ’s bodily resurrection
• Christ’s bodily ascension
• Christ’s intercession
• Christ’s second coming

Essential Doctrine on Salvation
• Human depravity—No one can win God’s favor by their own efforts
• Necessity of God’s grace
• Necessity of faith
• Inspiration of Scripture
• Method of interpretation

Today’s churches are filled with people who are passionate about being Christians, but who may not know what exactly they believe. This easy-to-follow PowerPoint® layout makes it easy to clear up confusion. Perfect for Bible studies or individual study, 1-on-1 discipleship, small groups, or adult Sunday school classes.