Parenting by Faith: What Jesus Said to Parents

by Patricia Batten

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Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 152
Pub Date: June 2019
ISBN: 9781628627817
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Product Description

Imagine if Jesus lived in your neighborhood and you could bring your kids—or your worries about your kids—directly to him. Parenting by Faith: What Jesus Said to Parents invites you into the world of first-century mothers and fathers who did just that. Their ancient interactions with Jesus are instructive for modern parents.

Discover the kind of faith that flourishes in the ups and downs of parenting. It’s a faith that drives away fear and insecurity. Sometimes it’s fragile. But it’s always full of hope because it’s rooted in Jesus.

Each chapter includes a summary of main points and features for group or individual study: suggestions for Scripture reading, action points/exercises, and prayers.

1. Feasting on Crumbs of Mercy—Matthew 15:21–28
What Jesus said to parents: You have great faith
2. Parenting Without Fear—Mark 5:21–43
What Jesus said to parents: Don’t be afraid
3. Everything Is Possible with God—Mark 9:14–32
What Jesus said to parents: Everything is possible for one who believes
4. Faith to the Finish Line—John 4:43–54
What Jesus said to parents: Unless you people see miraculous sign and wonders…you will never believe
5. Parenting Without Tears—Luke 7:11–17
What Jesus said to parents: Don’t cry
6. Service Is Greatness—Matthew 20:20–28
What Jesus said to parents: You don’t know what you’re asking
7. Issues of the Heart—John 2:1–11
What Jesus said to parents: Woman…


“Parents, rejoice! In this fast-paced book Dr. Pat Batten convinces us that in the ups and downs of family life, it’s possible to parent by faith. Balancing insightful lessons from New Testament parents encountering Jesus in the midst of their pain, she moves us into the possibility of solid faith as we parent in the twenty-first century. With sometimes wickedly funny snippets from family life today alongside practical steps that will engender faith, she charts a path leading puzzled parents to confidence that God can be trusted as they parent by faith.”
—Dr. Alice Mathews, popular speaker and author of Women and Work in the Old Testament and Women and Work in the New Testament

“Patricia Batten captures you by her stories and carries you along with her incredible use of the English language. She enlightens you by her scholarly wisdom, challenges you with biblical truth, and makes you laugh, sigh, and cry about the realities of raising children. I grabbed Parenting by Faith to write a quick endorsement, but finally reluctantly put it down after a delightful morning of getting to know Jesus better and getting to know how to imitate him more fully. Parents will benefit from reading this book. They’ll know how to be a better parent because they’ll learn how to better know Jesus. “
—Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen, directors of Home Improvement Ministries, speakers, authors of over ten books

“Insightful, encouraging, motivating, biblical, and wise is how I would describe Parenting by Faith. You’ll smile, laugh, groan, and even shed a tear as you read. Parents will profit from praying the prayers at the conclusion of each chapter. You’ll grow deeper in your connection to God and your children. It’s definitely for the person who wants to become the parent God designed them to be.”
—Dr. Ed Kemp, lead pastor at GateWay Church, Visalia, California

Author Bio

Patricia Batten is a communicator who connects men and women to God’s word to encourage and equip them to live life with flourishing faith. Pat holds an MDiv and a DMin in Homiletics from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a ThM from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She earned her BA from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. She is a ranked adjunct assistant professor of preaching and the assistant director for the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching at GCTS. She co-edited “Models for Biblical Preaching” with Haddon Robinson, and she has contributed chapters to books about preaching and ministry. She also taught courses at Bradford Christian Academy in Haverhill, MA. Born and raised in New England, she pastored two small churches there. North of Boston is where she and her husband, Rich, raise their three boys. Pat is a popular speaker at women’s retreats and workshops. Find out more about Pat by visiting her website at