100 Days of Healing: Daily Devotional

by Stephen Arterburn

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Pages: 208
Pub Date: October 2019
ISBN: 9781628624946
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Categories: Christian Living; Devotionals

Product Description

Begin a 100-day journey toward healing with this daily devotional by best-selling author Stephen Arterburn.

Because we live in an imperfect, sinful world, all of us will experience brokenness. And whether our wounds stem from our own disobedience to God or from mistreatment by others or something else entirely, we will often be tempted to become disillusioned or hardened. However, when we are persistent about holding our wounds up to the light of Christ, we will eventually discover a level of freedom and contentment we once thought impossible.

These 100 devotional readings from Stephen Arterburn of New Life Ministries explore many facets of healing in Scripture, stories, quotes, and prayers as you journey toward healing in your own life. Each of the 100 daily readings provides a short devotional, a key Bible verse, quotes from notable Christian leaders, additional Scripture for further reflection, and a prayer. Gain answers and understanding to difficult questions such as: Why does God not heal me or my loved one? How long will healing take? What must I do—if anything—to be healed?

We all long for healing in different ways and at different times in our lives. We may seek healing for relationships, finances, physical ailments, spiritual struggles, or emotional abuse. We may long for healing in our marriages, friendships, or thought lives. Let 100 Days of Healing guide you on the journey.

Scripture quotes use the New International Version (NIV).

Author Bio

Stephen Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and host of the #1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show New Life Live!, heard and watched by over two million people each weekday. He is also the Teaching Pastor at Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana, and the founder of the Women of Faith conferences, attended by over five million people. Steve is the best-selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing Is A Choice, NLT Life Recovery Bible, and Toxic Faith.