Twelve Tribes Of Israel Wall Chart

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Size: 19 x 26 inches
Binding: Laminated Wall Chart
ISBN: 9781628621983
ISBN-13: 9781628621983
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Product Description

Discover what you need to know about all 12 tribes of Israel at a glance! See each tribe's symbol (like the "Lion of Judah"), meaning, history, and other fascinating facts all on one beautiful wall chart! This 19" x 26" chart is laminated for durability. This large Bible wall chart is NOT sold by Amazon.

From the Tribe of Levi who served in the Tabernacle to the Tribe of Judah who led the march to the promised land, each tribe has its own history, land, and heritage. Enjoy having a quick overview of each tribe at your fingertips and easily see its size, symbol, and backstory at a glance! Covers the tribe of Reuben, Levi, Judah, Joseph, Benjamin, and more! Whether you hang this beautiful poster up in your church hallway, post it up in your Sunday School room, or hold it up while you teach, this stunning visual aid will add depth to any Old Testament study. Perfect for use with water-soluble markers (such as the Vis-A-Vis brand). Rolls for easy storage.

BONUS PERK: Includes 4 printable worksheets with maps and diagrams. It is perfect for Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, offices, foyers, and classrooms. This 19" x 26" chart is laminated for durability.