Why Trust the Bible?

by Timothy Paul Jones
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Product Description

People who have been influenced by skeptics such as Dan Brown and his bestseller, The DaVinci Code, or Dr. Bart Ehrman's book Misquoting Jesus, will find convincing answers in this booklet Why Trust the Bible. The Bible text has not been "changed with reckless abandon." And the Bible is not full of errors as some claim.

The bestselling Why Trust the Bible reassures Christians about the reliability of the Bible. Dr. Timothy Paul Jones examines six claims, and shows what logic and history actually tell us.

Why Trust the Bible Gives a Critique of Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus
1.Claim: The Gospels were written long after Jesus lived and were written by people who weren't eyewitnesses.
2.Claim: The stories about Jesus' life and death were not handed down reliably and not recorded accurately.
3.Claim: The Bible is full of textual errors, as proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls.
4.Claim: The New Testament wasn't finalized until hundreds of years after Jesus and his disciples, so there could have been many other "gospels" accepted and later rejected, in addition to the four Gospels found in the Bible today.
5.Claim: The originals of the Bible are lost; therefore, we have no way of knowing what it actually said.
6.Claim: The Bible was edited by scribes or powerful people who had an "agenda" and changed many teachings.

Author Bio

Timothy Paul Jones serves as a professor of Christian ministry and as associate vice president at the Southern Baptist Theological seminary, where he teaches courses in applied apologetics and family ministry.

Before teaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he led churches in Missouri and Oklahoma as pastor and associate pastor. Dr. Jones has authored or contributed to more than a dozen books, including PROOF; Conspiracies and the Cross; and, Christian History Made Easy. In 2007, Charles Colson listed him as one of “four names you need to know” when responding to the new atheists and in 2010, Christian Retailing magazine selected Christian History Made Easy as the book of the year in the field of Christian education.

He is married to Rayann and they have three daughters. The Jones family works in SojournKids and community group ministry at Sojourn Community Church.