Sermon Preparation

The Preacher's Toolbox, Volume 4

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Pages: 160
Pub Date: 2012
ISBN: 9781598569605
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Product Description

Imagine writing a sermon that must be original, insightful, useful, challenging, comforting . . . once a week. That’s exactly what most preachers are called upon to do while seeing to all of the other responsibilities that comprise their vocation.

Book four in The Preacher’s Toolbox series tackles the art and craft of sitting down to face a blank computer screen and coming up with a message that feeds and even entertains the listener. Expert preachers, speakers and teachers share the results of years of doing just that.

Articles include
Writing a Good Message in a Bad Week, Scott Wenig
Five Hammer Strokes for Creating Expository Sermon Outlines, Jeffrey Arthurs
How Prayer Transforms Prep, Michael Lawrence
Simply Profound, Duane Litfin
If You Dislike Sermon Prep, Bill Hybels • Getting Out of Preaching Ruts, Matt Woodley
Planning Sermon Series, David Daniels
Preparing Your Soul to Preach, Pete Scazzerro
The Preacher’s Study, Kent Hughes
Facebook Sermon Prep, Bill White

There is also a special “How I Prepare . . . ” section from leading pastors, including:
• Timothy Keller
• Mark Driscoll
• Lee Eclov
• Matt Chandler
• Justin Buzzard
• And more

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