Interpretation and Application

The Preacher's Toolbox, Volume 3

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Pub Date: 2012
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Product Description

The Preacher’s Toolbox series is designed to provide guidance on the essential elements of a variety of preaching forms and preparation to those in the pulpit—professionals and laypersons alike.

Book three of the series focuses on one of the most important foundations for sound sermons: the importance of approaching scripture with an accurate understanding of the historical text along with the ability to speak in new and powerful ways in a contemporary setting.
In other words, how does one best make ancient biblical texts pertinent to the 21st century listener while maintaining the integrity of the scripture?

Articles separated into two sections include
On Interpretation
Preaching Parables, Craig Blomberg
Soul Sermons from Psalms, Ken Smith
Speak to the Rock, John Beukema
Let the Text Question Your Framework, David Jackman
Preaching the Melodic Line, Dick Lucas

On Application
“We” Preaching and “You” Preaching, Haddon Robinson
The Place of Pastoral Wisdom in Application, Timothy Warren
The Listener’s Agenda, Bryan Chapell
Riveting Sermons, Jeffrey Arthurs
Specific Application, Joshua Harris

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