An Introduction to Ugaritic

by John Huehnergard

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Pub Date: 2012
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Product Description

Highly respected linguist John Huehnergard brings his command of and vast knowledge in the field of comparative Semitic linguistics to this introductory grammar. Every aspect of the grammar is enriched by his broad understanding, while maintaining an unexcelled directness and order to the learning of the fundamental grammar of Ugaritic.

Designed for students already familiar with Biblical Hebrew, this grammar contains the information necessary to help them become proficient in Ugaritic, and includes exercises to assist in learning basic grammar before commencing work with the actual Ugaritic texts. It is set apart from other gram¬mar books by its immense understanding of comparative Semitic grammar, and the concise and accurate manner in which Huehnergard presents the information.

Special Features:
• A glossary of all Ugaritic words used in the grammar
• An appendix by Ugaritologist John Ellison on the scribal formation of the Ugaritic abecedaries
• A number of full-color photographs of Ugaritic tablets
• Keys to the exercises
• Bibliographic information and indexes


“The work stands as a tribute to greatness in teachers and colleagues: examples of unflinching commitment, attainment by diligence, and intelligent humility are emulated throughout. The book is also a model of economy in design and organization…” READ MORE
Philip C. Schmitz, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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In this new work, An Introduction to Ugaritic, John Huehnergard has drawn on his vast research in Ugaritic and other Semitic languages to produce a superb, student-friendly textbook of the Ugaritic language. The sketch of Ugaritic grammar is first-rate. It is provided with vocalizations of Ugaritic words as well as paradigms throughout (which are nicely consolidated in an appendix). A particular helpful feature of the grammar is the listing of noun-types and stem-vowels for verbs. Huehnergard's attention to student needs is particularly evident in his chapter on basic vocabulary and English to Ugaritic practice exercises, which will help beginning learners make the transition from the grammar to reading texts. Fourteen texts drawn from different genres are accompanied by 44 color photographs and complemented by a glossary that provides cognates from other languages. Other notable features include the description of the alphabetic script (especially by John L. Ellison in an appendix); comparisons with grammatical features in other languages (especially Biblical Hebrew); keys to the exercises and the texts selected for reading; and fine listings of bibliographical resources. This work is most highly recommended; it is a "must-have" book for Ugaritic studies.
—Mark S. Smith
Skirball Professor of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
New York University

"Huehnergard (Middle East studies, U. of Texas-Austin) summarizes the grammar of the Semitic language Ugaritic for students who are already at least slightly familiar with Biblical Hebrew. He also includes a number of short practice exercises and a few sample texts in several genres to reinforce the main points of the grammar, and to introduce some common vocabulary. The language was spoken in the city of Ugarit, modern Ras Shamra in Syria, and the texts come from the Late Bronze Age, roughly 1300-1190 BCE. Color photographs show ruins and engraved texts."
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Author Bio

John Huehnergard is in all likelihood the best known Semitic linguist in the USA. His A Grammar of Akkadian (Harvard Semitic Museum Studies 45) is the #1 grammar for that ancient language. A revised edition of his standard reference work, Ugaritic Vocabulary in Syllabic Transcription (Harvard Semitic Studies 32) was recently published to meet continuing demand. Professor Emeritus of Semitic Philology, Harvard University, Dr. Huehnergard taught there for more than 25 years before moving to the University of Texas at Austin, 3 years ago to help develop a new program in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies.

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