Carta's Millennium Maps of the Holy Land

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Pub Date: 2006
ISBN: 9789652206299
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Product Description

Millenarianism (or Millennialism) has fascinated a great number of people for ages, mainly, but not only, as it relates to the Coming of the Messiah. As arguments, theories and heartís desires are proffered, one fact cannot be overlooked. At the turn of each and every millennium from 1000 B.C. to A.D. 2000, the Land of Israel was under Jewish or Christian custody. The four accompanying maps show the territorial extent at the turn of each of the four millennia from the days of the First Temple to the establishment of the State of Israel. Cartaís Millennium Maps put visuals to the context of the Bible, helping viewers to see and understand the changes that went on territorially. These Holy Land maps are eye-opening for those who want to see the changes in the region as they read along with the Bible. Straightforward and thorough, the four maps of the Holy Land are necessary additions to any Sunday School or homeschool classroom.