Hebrew Scripts: A Carta Wall Chart

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Retail: $19.95
Size: 27 x 39 inches
Binding: Poster
Pages: 1
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9789652207043
ISBN-13: 9789652207043
Item Number: 564976

Product Description

This unique, laminated wall chart follows the Hebrew Script in its development from the Paleo-Hebrew Seals in the 7th century BCE, all the way until the “Ada” typeface in 1970! The chart goes through the various styles and stages in the development of Hebrew Script, such as book-hand, inscriptions, semi-cursive, extreme cursive, modern cursive, and typeface. On the sides and bottom of the chart, there are various images of Hebrew writings to further show the development of Hebrew Script. These writings appear on stone epitaphs, scrolls, amulets, manuscripts, letters, incantation bowls, and other papyrus documents. Helpful diagrams in both English and Hebrew map out the evolution of Hebrew Script based on influences from languages such as Aramaic, Greek, Arabic, and Latin, from the 7th century BCE to the 15th century CE. These charts place the development of the language side by side with various world events, such as the rule of Alexander the Great, the Crusades, and the invention of the printing press. The chart’s large size and inclusion of both English and Hebrew make it a great chart to include in any classroom or educational setting.