Burdens Do a Body Good: Meeting Life’s Challenges with Strength (and Soul)

by Michele Howe / Dr. Christopher A. Foetisch

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Pub Date: 2010
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Product Description

Being a woman in today’s world means wrestling—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally—with lots of weighty struggles. Lifestyle mentor Michele Howe and orthopedic surgeon Christopher Foetisch offer a well-rounded “training manual” filled with inspirational insight and practical advice for handling life’s toughest battles with inner and outer strength. Thematic chapters begin with Howe’s trademark real-life vignettes and essays on personal and situational topics: loss, sorrow, aging, job displacement, divorce, parenting issues, financial setbacks, illness, and more.

Women will identify with the experiences of other women, and how each found and developed the emotional and spiritual strength to meet the challenges she faced. Foetisch then provides practical weight-bearing “exercises” for body and soul health, and information on staying strong and well, no matter your age or circumstances. Valuable take-away action thoughts, meaningful quotations, and concluding Scripture verses complete the “workout.”

Women will be delighted and surprised at the recommendations, choices, and options available to them. They’ll discover new ways of dealing with old problems and develop the multifaceted fitness they need to fearlessly face all of life’s challenges.


"Women are constantly being challenged in every area of their lives. In Burdens Do a Body Good, Howe and Foetisch pair inspirational stories with practical women’s health recommendations. At the end of each chapter, the “Takeaway Action Thought” gives a quick overview of the information shared on each of the 30 different topics. This book is designed for a female audience interested in an intellectual approach to everyday challenges, but the information contained is as easily adaptable for men as their female counterparts. Whether you’re dealing with parenting, retirement, care-giving, or stress, each chapter will supply supportive, Christian-based ideas for not only surviving but growing through tough times."
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"Being a woman in today’s world means carrying a lot of burdens—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Burdens Do a Body Good offers women inspirational and practical insights on handling life's "weightier" challenges. Lifestyle mentor Michele Howe and orthopedic surgeon Christopher Foetisch offer inspirational wisdom and sound advice for women."
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"Howe (Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom) and orthopedic surgeon Foetisch, a sports medicine specialist, aim their book at Christian women, focusing on the stresses they may well meet in the course of a typical life: loss, sorrow, aging, job loss, divorce, motherhood, financial difficulties, illness, time management, and more. Each short chapter includes a discussion of the challenge at hand, a "takeaway thought," and so-called "weight-bearing exercises" from Foetisch that describe real-life and healthy coping strategies. Each section closes with an apposite Bible quotation. VERDICT This little book is suitably light on theology and lively in its presentation of real-life issues, with commonsense solutions that have a dash of God and medicine thrown into the mix. It should appeal to Christian women from adolescence up."
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Author Bios

Michele Howe is the author of twenty books including Navigating the Friendship Maze; There’s a Reason They Call It Grandparenting; Preparing, Adjusting, and Loving the Empty Nest; Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go; and Empty Nest, What’s Next? Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind. She has published over 1,000 articles and has been featured on radio shows across the country speaking on parenting and women’s health issues.

Dr. Christopher Foetisch is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine with a practice emphasis involving the shoulder and knee. He is Board Certified through the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and holds professional memberships through the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Medical Association, the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, the Arthroscopy Association of North America, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Toledo Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Foetisch received his medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio, completed his Orthopedic Residency at the Medical College of Ohio, as well as a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys, California. He has been in private practice for the past ten years and his office is located at the Toledo Clinic, Toledo, Ohio.

He serves as Section Chief of Orthopedics and Vice-Chair of Surgery at Flower Hospital, Sylvania, Ohio. Dr. Foetisch also sits on the Flower Hospital Trauma Committee and the Flower Hospital Medical Care Improvement Committee, among other positions.

Widely published, Dr. Foetisch’s credits include articles in the American Journal of Orthopedics, Current Opinion in Orthopaedics, and Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review. Dr. Foetisch writes a sports medicine column at: http://bizymoms.com/experts/christopher-foetisch/index.html and he has also acted as expert consultant and professional contributed to numerous community and national trade publications on the following women’s health topics:
• Midlife Depression
• Lifestyle Habits for Optimal Health
• Traveling Tips for Staying Well
• Pre and Post-Op Considerations
• Planning Tips for Caregivers
• Utilizations of Physician Assistants
Dr. Foetisch’s presentations include such topic specializations as:
• Scoping Out the Joint – Arthroscopic Shoulder Lab
• Latest Techniques with Shoulder Instability Problems
• Arthroscopic Bankart Repair/Capsulorrhaphy Repair of the Shoulder and Surgical Stabilization of SLAP Injury.
• Clinical Perspectives on Arthritis and Pain
• Common Shoulder Problems
• Injuries of the Knee: Exams and Treatments
• ACI Surgical Technique & Rehab Considerations
• Orthopedic Coding & Anatomy
• TFN Indications & Techniques
• Medical & Operative Treatment of Arthritis

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