The Gospel According to John in the Byzantine Tradition

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Pages: 334
Pub Date: 2008
ISBN: 9781598563078
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Product Description

This text-critical edition of the Gospel of John illustrates the breadth of the Byzantine textual tradition. A specific Byzantine manuscript (miniscule 35) was used as the base text. The apparatus indicates the differences within the most important Byzantine manuscripts of John. In addition, differences compared to the Nestle-Aland edition are listed.

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This is a text-critical edition of the gospel of John that reflects the recension of the gospel in the Byzantine tradition. Taking one particular MS as its ‘base text’ (miniscule 35) the edition then compares some seventy other witnesses. The differences between this text and that of Nestle-Aland are also noted. This is a painstaking work of scholarship coming out of the Centre for Editing Texts in Religion (now the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing) at the University of Birmingham. It is a highly specialised work, but for those interested in the history of the Byzantine textual tradition, or indeed the history of Byzantine Christianity more generally, obviously a very important one.
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