The Kids Hymnal—Sing-Along DVD

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Retail: $14.95
Binding: DVD
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781598563016
ISBN-13: 9781598563016
Item Number: 562156R
Categories: Worship;

Product Description

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"One of the main areas of Christian parenting that I see people (including myself) struggling with is establishing consistent times of devotion and worship in the lives of their children. We all want our children to learn to praise the Lord through song, prayer, and study, but this so often falls by the wayside unless we have a consistent, daily plan in place.

"Thankfully, resources such as The Kids Hymnal make it SO easy for parents to bring children into worship and praise. This sing-along DVD includes the full content of the printed version of The Kids Hymnal but with on-screen graphics, lyrics, and sing-along music that all make it easy for children to learn the words to the songs.

"This is really almost a worship experience in itself on a DVD, all I need to do is pop it on and my children are up and singing their hearts out, waiting for turns to pick the next songs. They’re always a bit disappointed when it’s time to move on with our day."
Quiverful Family