The New Worship Awakening: What's Old is New Again

by Robert E. Webber

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Pub Date: 2007
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Product Description

“The cultural shift since 2001 is very different than that of the 60’s and 70’s. It is a culture tired of noise, turned off by phoniness, sick of glitz, and wary of the superficial. It is a culture that is searching for an authentic encounter with God, longing for depth and substance, craving quiet and spiritual contemplation, and moved by visual, tactile forms of communication.”

The New Worship Awakening examines the wide array of worship styles, from traditional to contemporary, currently in practice in today’s churches. Webber makes a compelling case for renewing the vigor of the spiritual life of the church through two means: grounding worship in the biblical narrative while at the same time integrating an understanding of worship traditions throughout history.

Through astute observations and personal experiences, the author emphasizes that Christ can be encountered through the arts, the services of the Christian year, the Sacraments, the singing of hymns and folk songs, the passing of the peace, the Liturgy, and many other means that incorporate Christian worship styles through the ages. He makes the all-important point that worship today celebrates the same Christ who walked the earth two thousand years ago, and that in true and lively worship there is divine action. “There is an action from above: the Holy Spirit delivers Christ and the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection to the worshippers.”

Author Bio

Dr. Robert Webber, Th.D., (1933-2007) was recognized by pastors, denominational leaders, scholars and lay people as one of the foremost authorities on worship renewal. He conducted workshops for almost every major denomination in North America through the Institute in Worship Studies, which he founded in 1995. He authored over 40 books on worship and the Church, including The Complete Library of Christian Worship.

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