Synopsis of the Four Gospels (Greek and English): 13th Edition

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Pub Date: 2006
ISBN: 1598561774
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Product Description

This unique and useful resource includes a parallel comparison of the four Gospels in both the Greek Novum Testamentum Graece (NA27) and the English Revised Standard Version of the New Testament. The Greek text includes the full critical apparatus from the 26th edition of the Novum Testamentum Graece except for parallels from aprocryphal gospels and patristic sources.

The facing English text has an apparatus of significant variants in the AV (King James), RV, and RSV versions.


“This well-known bilingual synopsis of the four gospels is remarkable for its extensive text-critical apparatus. More variant readings are listed here than in the standard editions of the Greek New Testament. The English (Revised Standard Version. text of 1971) is given on the page facing the Greek text, and also has a critical apparatus, this time not listing ancient manuscript authorities but various English bibles such as the King James Version and the American Standard Version (1901). For the present edition variant readings from papyri 90-111 have also been listed (mainly fragments from Matthew and John: the relevant papyri are mainly kept in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford). The user should be warned to use the present edition, and not very early ones. because the text-critical apparatus of the early editions of this synopsis is not reliable. —Aland. the original editor, died in 1994.”
International Review of Biblical Studies