User's Guide to the Bible

by Stephen M. Miller
Questions of Faith

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Binding: Paper
Pages: 128
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781598561388
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Categories: Christian Living; Theology

Product Description

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If you found yourself standing in front of a shelf of 66 books written over 1,000 years, where would you start reading?

The Bible is a library of 66 books written by a vast range of authors in many different genres, including song lyrics, poetry, prophecy and stories. This book answers the key questions people ask about the Bible.

Sections include the following:
Bible Timeline
The Bible in one page;
How the Bible came to be
Why it takes faith to believe the Bible
Who's who in the Bible
Where's where in the Bible
How to read the Bible.


"User's Guide to the Bible is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs. Many sidebars provide interesting facts about biblical people, places, and situations."
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Author Bio

Stephen M. Miller is a freelance writer who specializes in Bible-related projects. He has a degree in journalism and a Master's degree in Religious Education. He has worked on books including The Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Life and Times and The Complete Guide to the Bible. He is co-author of The Bible: A History.