Detox Your Spiritual Life in 40 Days

by Peter Graystone

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Retail: $16.95
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding: Paper
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781598560855
ISBN-13: 9781598560855
Item Number: 560859
Categories: Christian Living; Devotionals

Product Description

Detox Your Spiritual Life in 40 Days will help you renew your physical, emotional, and, above all, spiritual well-being. Just as detox uses a healthy routine to get rid of toxins that stop your life reaching its full potential, Peter Graystone's book is designed to help you do away with things that hold back your relationship with God. His day-to-day companion encourages the reader to break habits, let go of failures, and put regrets in the past. Instead, it offers ways to make wise choices, strengthen relationships, and enjoy being a Christian all over again. Because it is completely realistic about the muddle and struggle of everyday life, it will leave you full of energy to follow Jesus joyfully. Help is at hand with:
• Down to earth advice
• Inspiration from the Bible
• Encouragement from other Christians
• Prayers for quiet reflection
• A daily detox exercise
• Plenty of laughter along the way


“This is an encouraging, easy-to-follow book. Author Peter Graystone does not demand large life changes, but instead suggests small, easily manageable changes that help the reader move forward. His friendly, conversational style and humor help the reader open up to rethinking and making better life choices in a wide range of areas. The book's theme is reflected in the statement that God "has infinite patience to listen to you as you reflect on the state of your health-physical, emotional and above all spiritual: 'The book is divided into segments covering areas where detoxing can be beneficial: body, standards, past, expectations, relationships, and spiritual life. Each segment includes scripture.

“This book is appropriate for congregational libraries. It will be especially useful for group studies and for personal reading by individuals seeking spiritual growth.”
—Congregational Libraries Today

Author Bio

Peter Graystone works for Christian Aid and among other things writes the daily Bible reading notes that appear on its website. He is the author of several books, including 99 Things to Do Between Here and Heaven: Live Extreme: , and Signs of the Times. He is a part of the leadership team at Emmanuel Church, Croydon, England.

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