Passionate Visionary: Leadership Lessons from the Apostle Paul

by Richard S. Ascough / Charles A. Cotton

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Pages: 208
Pub Date: 2006
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Product Description

Honorable Mention, 2006 Catholic Press Association Book Awards

Selected by Worship Leader Magazine, May 2008, as a must-read book for insight into the art of leadership

The Apostle Paul was a transformational genius. Indeed, the details of his life and ministry offer remarkable insights for modern leaders. Yet the curious and consistent omission among many biographies, testimonials and training manuals on leadership is the apostle who laid the foundation for the Christian Church as we know it. He took a new and struggling faith out into the world and built and sustained a fragile network by coaching, cajoling, and inspiring hesitant followers. Almost two thousand years later the heritage of the churches he founded continues in the faith communities of the Christian tradition.

Now a seasoned Bible scholar and an expert in organizational leadership and change offer principles for modern managers and leaders drawn from Paul’s dynamic leadership style. In a unique blend of management theory and biblical scholarship, Ascough and Cotton demonstrate that Paul essentially wrote the book on how transformational leaders should operate. Thoroughly grounded in biblical studies and the academic study of leadership—yet written in a clear and readable style—their conclusions will challenge thinking in a variety of organizations.

• Sets individual biblical texts in their socio-cultural setting before demonstrating how they address contemporary leadership challenges.
• Offers questions for reflection and discussion that will help stimulate creative thinking about leadership in churches and other settings.


"This is an intelligent as well as compassionate look at modern leadership. It draws from an impressive litany of thoughtful books on leadership, as well as Paul''''''''s writing, to provide a better understanding of the apostle and an ethos for approaching modern management."
Globe and Mail

“A collaborative effort between a New Testament scholar (Ascough) and an expert in management theory (Cotton), this book takes a fresh angle on Paul. The authors are convinced that Paul exemplifies the kind of leadership style that many modern corporations are seeking in their own leaders, one that is less hierarchical and more what they call ‘chaordic,’ that is leadership that gives more free rein to invention and on-the-ground initiative (= chaos) an yet also channels such creativity into order. The authors examine key passages in Paul’s letters where they believe such leadership skill is on display, giving an exposition of the passage on its own terms and then reflecting on how it relates to issues of leadership. Readers will find this a refreshing and novel way of appreciating Paul’s relationship to his communities.”
The Bible Today

Author Bios

Richard S. Ascough is Associate Professor of New Testament at Queen’s Theological College, Kingston, Ontario. He is the author of Miracles of Jesus.

Charles A. (Sandy) Cotton is an internationally acclaimed expert in leadership. He was chair of Programs for Management, Queen’s University, and the first director of its Institute for Faith and Ethics in Society.

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