The Beatitudes

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Size: 19 x 26 inches
Binding: Laminated Wall Chart
ISBN: 9789901983025
ISBN-13: 9789901983025
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Product Description

The Beatitudes: Jesus'Priorities

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his followers to value humility, righteousness, and purity. This beautiful 19.5" x 26" chart will brighten your room and encourage anyone to have God's attitudes instead of the world's attitudes. Four reproducible worksheets and handouts on the back.

Topics include: Beatitudes, Blessed are ye, blessed are you, character, Christian character, Christs teachings, humility, hunger and thirst, inherit the earth, Jesus teachings, kingdom of God, kingdom of heaven, Luke 6, Matthew 5, mercy, Mount of Olives, Mt. of Olives, poor of spirit, pure of heart, seeing God, sermon on the mount, teachings of Christ, teachings of Jesus