12 Radical Teachings of Jesus

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Product Description

Jesus challenges us to leaving behind convenience, comfort, security, money, and even family to follow him. He calls his disciples to abandon everything for the gospel, but how can we apply that to our 21st century lives? Without fully understanding the cultural context of Jesus' day, it's easy to dismiss or forget the important lessons he was teaching. Dig even deeper into the Bible as you see the background, meaning, and application of 12 key teachings of Jesus side-by-side at a glance.

With 12 quick-reference charts, this pamphlet covers the teachings of Jesus in a way few resources can—showing key verses, explanations, reflection questions, and insights at a glance. Includes cross references, application questions, and key points—perfect for quick reference and small group study. From forgiveness to unconditional love, dive into the radical gospel of Jesus at the turn of a page with this slimline pamphlet.