100 Words Every Christian Should Know

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Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Binding: Pamphlet
Pages: 14
ISBN: 9781628624519
ISBN-13: 9781628624519
Item Number: 4152X
Categories: Religion and Culture; Biblical Studies and Interpretation

Product Description

100 Words Every Christian Should Know is packed with easy-to-understand explanations of 100 commonly used terms and concepts in the Bible and church, such as justification, miracle, legalism, and more! Easily add depth to your Bible study and reading when you see each Bible term’s meaning at a glance!

Unlike heavy dictionaries and Bible commentaries, which can be hard to quickly reference and carry around with you, this slimline pamphlet on the top 100 words and phrases is easy to carry and slips right into the back of your Bible! With the turn of a page, you can quickly reference 100 Christian terms like "holiness," "justification," "trinity," and more PLUS their definitions and Bible references all at your fingertips!

For each term, get a simple summary and key references! It covers:
•Bible Terms: parable, Messiah, Kingdom of Heaven, and more!
•Theological Terms: Inerrant/inspired, preservation of Scripture, exegesis, and more!
•Christian Terms: disciple, flesh, fellowship, and more!

Perfect for Christian ministry, discipleship, group and individual study, new believer’s and baptism classes, confirmation, and much more!