Eight Things Every Man SHould Know About Depression

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Pub Date: September 2017
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Product Description

"The first thing every man should know: Depression is an alarm signal to tell you that certain issues need attention so that they won't keep damaging you." God designed men with these specific alerts and warnings, but did you know He also has unique solutions and promises to help us redeem our lives to His good and perfect will?

Your job is taking a toll on your health and the things you once enjoyed are just a chore on your list now. But you are not alone. Between the stress of work, requirements of family life, and the crushing feelings of inadequacy, the slow wear and tear makes depression difficult to detect, let alone seek help for it. 8 Things Every Man Should Know About Depression equips you with practical, Bible-based tools to help you:

•Get refreshed with relevant and non-preachy advice and Scripture
•Identify and take control back from the negative thoughts & feelings that run your life
•Overcome crushing shame and false guilt with biblical principles to seek effective help & treatment
•Reverse the damaging behaviors and patterns that hurt your relationships and career

From the signs and solutions of depression to feelings of shame and guilt, Dr. Gary Lovejoy has boiled it all down to 8 trusted, Bible-based solutions that every man should know about depression, all of which are simply and clearly laid out in this resourceful quick-guide. Equip yourself with tools and solutions straight out of the Bible and designed just for men to recover & relieve the pressures at home and work. Start begin enjoying the blessings of life once again!