Creation and Evolution

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Product Description

Creation and Evolution chart shows how scientific findings about paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, astrophysics and mathematics cannot be explained by Darwinian Evolution. For example, evolutionary theory says we ought to be able to expect human life to form from amino acids if given enough time, say 5 billion years. But modern mathematicians say that this is highly unlikely, even given 100 billion years, far longer than evolutionists believe the Earth has been in existence.
•Gives many scientific facts, as well as dozens of quotes from secular scientists who say that we have less evidence for Darwin's Theory of Evolution today, than we did at Darwin's time.
•Helps Christians and non-Christians see that we cannot explain our existence simply by natural selection through vast amounts of time.
•Be ready to explain why you believe in biblical creation. Explains what creationists believe (Old Earth and Young Earth views).