30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children

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Kids long to be unconditionally loved and accepted by their dad. Children need to know their worth before the rest of the world defines it for them. As a dad, it is easy to take for granted that your child already knows how much you love themóbut sometimes they donít. How can you show your child how much you love them?

30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children is packed with 30 simple, fun, and affordable activities to show your sons or daughters that you love and appreciate them! From go-cart racing to getting tech-savvy on the Web, easily turn these basic activities and random acts of kindness into insightful blessings that will positively impact your kids for a lifetime! Using the story of Isaac and other Bible passages as models, John Trent shares practical ways to bless your child in 5 key ways:

1. Meaningful and appropriate touch
2.A spoken message
3.Attaching high value to the one being blessed
4.Picturing a special future for him or her
5.An active commitment to fulfill the blessing

In every home, with every father, there is a choice set before man: a choice to bless his children. A man can choose to communicate that incredible gift of unconditional love and acceptance that his children long for... Or he can actively or passively withhold the blessing from his children, leading to a lifetime of emotional hurt.