Victimization : Victory Over the Victim Mentality

by June Hunt
Hope For The Heart Series
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Size: 4 x 7 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781628621365
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Product Description

This life-changing book is perfect for those who have experienced trauma and for the pastors, leaders, and friends who want to help them.

Does a crisis from your past still affect you? Do you want to move on, but you don't know how? Experiences from our past can leave lasting scars that can deteriorate our self-worth, and ultimately leave us feeling powerless, victimized, and even paralyzed from moving forward. June Hunt understands. As an abuse survivor and as someone who has been helping abuse victims for decades, she knows firsthand that healing is a process. Let June Hunt guide you through the process of healing as she points you to the true source of freedom, Jesus Christ.

You didn't think anyone could hurt you like this, but now that it has happened, what do you do?

The pain that comes from being victimized is real—whether it was from growing up with alcoholic parents, being forced into an unwanted divorce, or being verbally, emotionally, or even physically abused. We often carry those wounds with us for a lifetime—but we don't have to.

June Hunt has a message for you: It is possible to overcome pain.

Find out biblical truths and practical advice on how to:
• Overcome the pain, anger, and fear
• Discover your true value in Christ
• Heal the pain of the past
• Foster positive relationships

Author Bio

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program Hope for the Heart is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. Hope for the Heart booklets have been published in 27 languages in several formats and are being translated into more. June is a popular guest professor at colleges and seminaries and a sought-after speaker at conferences and religious broadcasting events.