Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps PowerPoint: New and Expanded Edition

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Retail: $39.99
Binding: NA
Pub Date: April 2021
ISBN: 9781649380296
ISBN-13: 9781649380296
Item Number: 380296
Categories: General Reference Works; Religion and Culture

Product Description

NEW and EXPANDED Edition of the bestselling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps!

With more than 25 new slides of maps, illustrations, and diagrams, this PowerPoint lets you see where Bible places are today. The red-lined overlays show modern cities and countries on top of the Bible maps.

This new edition has the same great content as the original, plus so much more. All updated modern geography and a beautiful new look to the Bible maps.

8 overlays show modern times laid over ancient maps.
Over 65 slides of maps, illustrations, time lines, charts, and fascinating Bible-based content.

What’s NEW in this edition?

Greek and Roman Empires
Routes into the Promised Land
Where Jesus Walked in Galilee
Seven Churches of Revelation

Charts and Time lines:
Judges of Israel
Ark of the covenant
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Twelve Disciples

Maps for these Bible stories:
Elijah and Elisha
Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

Plus the original illustrations and all the maps updated with a fresh new look!

An excellent way to help make your Sunday School, homeschool, and Bible studies more interesting.