Fear : No Longer Afraid

by June Hunt
Hope For The Heart Series
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Pages: 96
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Product Description

Do you long to find freedom from fear? God never assumes that we will live without fear, but there are forms of fear such as anxiety that can ultimately lead to panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other things that God does not desire for us. Learn how fear relates to perceived threats to security, significance, and love‚ and how perception directly affects the degree of fear you experience.

June Hunt answers tough questions on fear, like:
•How can I overcome my irrational fear of death?
•How can I overcome the fear that my children or spouse might die?

Things like former fear-producing experiences or an emotional overload can cause fear to take hold in your life. What should you do if your fear causes you to avoid any threatening situation?
•You can face your fear
•Allow change to happen
•Resist negative thought patterns
•Keep your imagination in check and don't let it run away
•Believe that God has control
•Counter your fears with facts

Discover how to move from fear to faith‚"from panic to peace‚" through a deepened understanding of the love and power of Christ in your life. Jesus can set you free as you turn to Him for strength and help in each and every fearful situation. Discover that when you acknowledge you are weak and inadequate, God's strength and adequacy can prevail within you!

Author Bio

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program Hope for the Heart is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. Hope for the Heart booklets have been published in 27 languages in several formats and are being translated into more. June is a popular guest professor at colleges and seminaries and a sought-after speaker at conferences and religious broadcasting events.