10 Keys To Witnessing To Cults PowerPoint

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Product Description

If you asked cult members, Do you believe in Jesus?... they will usually answer, "Yes." Often times, cults use the same terms as Christians (Jesus, Salvation, and God), but define them in a totally different way. So, how do you reach out to them?

Packed with simple summaries and dozens of scripture, this easy-to-understand PowerPoint® covers 10 key ways to effectively reach out to those in a cult. Find out how to witness in a loving, respectful and informed way to the cults at your door, your work, and in your neighborhood. There are thousands of people in cults who don't realize they are being deceived— this presentation will help you share the truth. Tips include spotting common objections cultists are trained to answer, strategic questions to ask, and easy ways to demonstrate Jesus' deity, plus much more.