Masada: An Epic Story

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Pages: 144
Pub Date: 2009
ISBN: 9789652207609
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Product Description

No one is better qualified than Hanan Eshel—with his vast experience in the field, wide historical knowledge, and superb scholarship—to tell Masada: An Epic Story. The bulk of the construction at Masada that is visible today was carried out by King Herod, who ruled from 37 to 4 BCE. Barely two generations later, in 73 or 74 CE, Flavius Silva, provincial governor of Judea and the commander of the Tenth Roman Legion, attacked and destroyed most of the structures on Masada. What the Romans did not demolish was razed by the defenders themselves towards the end of the siege.

This Carta field guide provides a virtual tour through the site of Masada and ensures that visitors will maximize their enjoyment and understanding of this historic settlement.