The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount In Jerusalem

by Leen Ritmeyer

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Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Pub Date: 2007
ISBN: 9789652206282
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Product Description

The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem distills three millennia of history and thirty years of intensive research into the definitive book on the Temple Mount. Weaving together archaeological data with historical sources, Ritmeyer produces an authoritative and exhaustive reconstruction in word and picture. Comprehensive in scope, The Quest begins with the Temple Mount at its zenith, under King Herod the Great. The reader is then led to the quest for the earlier, square Temple Mount described by Josephus and the Mishnah. This rich accumulation of archaeological and literary evidence sheds some light into Jerusalem’s enduring enigma—the actual location of the Temple from the time of Solomon onward, the original emplacement of the Ark of the Covenant, among others. The Quest has large, readable font and is profusely illustrated with hundreds of full-color maps, plans, drawings and photographs.

Author Bio

Leen Ritmeyer has been involved in all of Jerusalem’s major excavations producing site plans and reconstruction drawings. In Jerusalem, he directed the Byzantine Cardo and the Herodian Villas and taught biblical archeology at the Universities of Leeds and Cardi_ in the U.K. He is the author of The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.