Understanding the Geography of the Bible

by Menashe Har-El
edited by Paul H. Wright

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Pub Date: 2005
ISBN: 9789652205889
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Product Description

The majority of the biblical story took place in a very small yet interesting land nestled along the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. However, fully understanding the context of the biblical narrative requires casting a wider net, one that encompasses all of Israel’s neighbors. Richly documented with maps and profusely illustrated, Understanding the Geography of the Bible, the third in the series of Carta’s introductory atlases to the biblical world, provides a comprehensive view of the geographical background to life in biblical times.

Topography, climate and natural forces shaped the lives of the people of the Ancient Near East and affected their different cultures, economies and modes of life. Their relationship and interaction account for the richness, depth and majesty of the biblical narrative.

Author Bio

Menashe Har-El (1917–2014), emeritus Professor of Biblical Geography at Tel Aviv University, was a renowned scholar of the ancient geography and history of Israel and the Mideast. He taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and published thirteen books on topics related to the land of Israel, four of which have received awards. His books published by Carta include Landscape, Nature and Man in the Bible: Sites and Events in the Old Testament and, with Paul H. Wright, Understanding the Geography of the Bible.

Editor Bio

Dr. Paul H. Wright is President of Jerusalem University College (the Institute of Holy Land Studies). He holds a BA degree in anthropology from Bethel University, an MA degree in the history of ancient Israel from the Institute of Holy Land Studies, an MA degree in Old Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and MPhil and PhD degrees in Bible and Ancient Near East from Hebrew Union College. He is an ordained minister and also teaches courses on the culture, history, and geography of the lands of the Bible.