Gotta Have God Boys Devotional Vol 3 Ages 10-12

by Michael Brewer
Gotta Have God
Retail: $13.99
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781584110989
ISBN-13: 9781584110989
Item Number: 11098X

Product Description

This fully-illustrated boys devotional from RoseKidz® helps boys ages 10-12 know God and His ways. Volume 3 features over 100 devotions, cool stories, Bible activities, fun crafts, recipes, and more.

Life doesn't stay the same—it is full of lots of changes. But, one thing never changes—God. Find out more about God, more about yourself, and more about God's promises with this boys' devotional. Let's face it, we all like sleeping. But, God never sleeps. He's available all the time, 24-7. He never dozes off (not even in class). See why you can trust him to always be there no matter what with this boys devotion packed with cool stories, activities, and more!

Here's just some of the awesome topics you will cover in this boys devotional:
•11 Ways to Get to know God better
•10 keys to understanding the coolest book ever—The Bible
•What to do when things go wrong
•12 holy heroes that really rock
•10 promises you can count on

Author Bio

H. Michael Brewer is a storyteller in the classroom, from the pulpit, and on the printed page. He has written hundreds of short pieces ranging from articles and stories to devotionals and comic books. His adult books include Who Needs a Superhero?, Lessons from the Carpenter, and In the Spirit of Ronald McNair—Astronaut. For younger readers, Brewer has written three volumes of the popular boys’ devotional series Gotta Have God from Legacy Publishing, who also released the first three volumes of the Time Crashers: Viking Attack, Smoke on the Mountain, and Blackbeard’s Revenge. The fourth volume, Charge to Glory, is coming from Rose Publishing.